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10 New Technologies for Smart Refridgerators from 2015

I read a book a while ago that gave me the idea of writing top ten lists for ideas for blog posts. This is one of those lists. It’s actually interesting, because many of the things on this list are now actual features of products available at most appliance stores as I write this in […]

Splash as Long as You Can

Have you ever watched kids playing in the water? At the beach. At the pool. At the park. In the backyard or the bathtub. Kids never seem to want to get out of the water. They want to do one more lap, one more jump, or one more splash. I think we can learn alot […]

Fan Experience: Food

Sell out the game by offering great food that people actually want to eat.

The Post-Season

One of my favorite times of year, and probably that of many sports fans, is the post-season. The time of year when your team’s hard work all comes down to 9 more innings, 40 or 90 more minutes, 5 more sets, or a few match points. This is what it’s all about isn’t? Where your […]


Sportsmanship. Don’t you love it? After watching most of the football games this weekend, I got to thinking about the meaning of sportsmanship in sports. Thinking about being a great opponent regardless of the score and congratulating your foe, being a great teammate regardless of yours or other’s mistakes, and being truly appreciative of the […]

On Building Something

What do you do all day? What’s the point? Do you have a mission or vision? Build something so great that people would miss it if it were gone. Care about the things you do and the people you serve. It won’t go unnoticed. And be authentic. Authenticity counts when you’re trying to build trust, […]

College Athletics: Many Sports, One Team

One of the aspects I love the most about college athletics is the fact that there are so many sports from which to choose from, both to participate in as well as to watch. Have you ever considered how your favorite college team, or even your employer if you work for a college, came to […]

Collegiate Athletics – Many Sports, One Team

Have you ever considered how diverse a university’s or college’s following might be? Consider the fact that these programs often support teams for more than one sport, usually in the range of 8-10 and for some, as many as 30 or more. We will look at this from a few different angles, but lets first […]

Bill’s Sports Business Blog

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Fan Experience: Food

Hey there readers! First of all, I apologize for not posting the last few months. I’ve been busy, both at work as well as personally, but also working on this blog! As you can probably tell by now, I’ve got a new URL,, which fits more with where I want to this thing to […]