The Post-Season

ESPN College Gameday at UW

ESPN College Gameday on the University of Washington campus-Get ready for the post-season!

One of my favorite times of year, and probably that of many sports fans, is the post-season. The time of year when your team’s hard work all comes down to 9 more innings, 40 or 90 more minutes, 5 more sets, or a few match points. This is what it’s all about isn’t? Where your hard work throughout the season finally gets you to the edge of the post-season tournament – the road to the championship – but not quite over; the final test of will, teamwork, strength, stamina, and mental capacity to demonstrate to the world that you are the best and rose to the occasion of being better than all others will get you over the end and able to claim the title of champion.

This year there has been a lot of great action and we’re in the final stretch of competition for our fall sports. Women’s Division 1 college soccer will be final this weekend with the annual College Cup taking place, the men’s NCAA Division 1 college soccer post-season championship is nearly final with the round of 8 playing this weekend, the NCAA Division 1 women’s volleyball championship starts off this weekend at local host institutions and college football post-season heats up with BCS-level conference championship games and FCS and Division II and III playoff games being played this weekend as well.

Gear up with your favorite team’s merchandise, get your tailgate ready with this great Tailgate Gear (affiliate) and tune in to watch some great competition. If you happen to be in the town of a team hosting an NCAA tournament game or match, do yourself a favor and go watch in person. The competition at that level is truly something worth experiencing, especially if you’re a fan of that particular sport. If not, it’s still a great experience to be in the presence in the best athletes in the country, even if your team isn’t necessarily participating.

Here are the links to the post-season brackets for this year’s major fall sports (and my favorites to watch!):
NCAA Division 1 Women’s Soccer Post-Season Championship bracket.
NCAA Division 1 Men’s Soccer Post-Season Championship bracket.
NCAA Division 1 Volleyball Post-Season Championship bracket.
NCAA Division II Football Post-Season Championship Bracket
NCAA Division III Football Post-Season Championship Bracket
FCS Post-Season Championship Bracket

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