The 100th Post

Bill Peck at Husky Stadium

Photo Taken of Bill Peck During Husky Stadium Construction Tour – 15 Feb 2013 – Bill’s Sports Business Blog

Today is my 100th post! Hooray!

I started this blog in June of 2012 as a way to start a discussion about sports business from the perspective of someone relatively new in the field, but certainly not fresh. Including the time I spent in college, I’ve worked in sports business for 10 years now (7 years since graduating from Notre Dame) and during that time I’ve had the opportunity to travel the US and the world, been a part of some amazing projects from building a football stadium to helping people rebuild their lives, and have met sports business professionals from all over the world following their dream of working in sports. I’ve been fortunate to have the support of my family to do what I enjoy and am ever thankful for their love.

In addition, for today’s post, I’d like to say thank you to the readers of this blog – YOU – for letting me help and inspire you and others. It’s been great connecting with you on LinkedIn and on Twitter and it’s been great emailing a few of you brave souls kind enough to want to start a more personal conversation. I will always do my best to keep Bill’s Sports Business Blog updated daily with new ideas, explanations, reviews, and motivation for those of us that work in sports and follow our passions. Life is most fully lived when you follow your dreams and serve other people and the closer you get to those ends the happier you’ll become.

So today, I’ll leave you with a question to ponder the rest of the day:

What excites you? What gets you really fired up?

Share your answer with someone you care about and ask them to do the same. You’ll be surprised by your answer and I hope you will have learned something about yourself and others.

Go Forth!

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