Splash as Long as You Can

Have you ever watched kids playing in the water? At the beach. At the pool. At the park. In the backyard or the bathtub. Kids never seem to want to get out of the water. They want to do one more lap, one more jump, or one more splash.

I think we can learn alot from watching kids having fun. Especially when they’re playing in the water. I caught myself saying to my daughter recently as the bath water was draining, “splash as long as you can!” She was splashing around and making water go everywhere in the bathroom – having a great time and laughing the entire time.

I thought about what came out of my mouth right after I said it and it got me thinking – why don’t I take a dose of my own medicine?

Why don’t I splash as long as I can, in whatever way that means to me in terms of having fun? And doing things for the pure joy of whatever it is? Why don’t any of us do fun things just for the sake of doing something fun?

Whatever the reason, I hope today, on Independence Day, and everyday we remind ourselves to splash as long as we can and enjoy the small, everyday moments that bring joy. Life is short. Let’s have fun.

Happy Independence Day!

Go Forth.

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