10 New Technologies for Smart Refridgerators from 2015

I read a book a while ago that gave me the idea of writing top ten lists for ideas for blog posts. This is one of those lists. It’s actually interesting, because many of the things on this list are now actual features of products available at most appliance stores as I write this in 2022. Maybe not all availabe in a fridge, but things you can now see regularly at Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco and many other stores. Enjoy!

1 – Sense the temperature at different levels of the fridge and adjust the air flow accordingly.

2 – Set different temperatures for different levels; one setting for beer and one for food

3 – Digitally adjustable humidity levels for keeping produce as fresh as possible for as long as possible

4 – Sensors that will tell me how long certain items have been in the fridge and whether or not they are in the correct place, based on how cold those items are supposed to be for maximum freshness

5 – A screen on the outside that will give me an inventory of what exactly I have in the fridge

6 – A store delivery ordering app that will let me order whatever I want as often as I need it

7 –  Adjustable drawers and shelves that pull all the way out, so I don’t have to strain to reach the back of a shelf; also shelves that come out and lower so my wife doesn’t have to strain to reach the top back shelf

8 – A filter that actually filters and purifies my water with a UV light and heavy duty filter that actually makes clear ice and pure tasting water at whatever temperature I want

9 – Built in coffee maker that will grind beans and brew coffee

10 – Beer tap built in with self-cleaning tube system that always delivers ice cold beer in a perfectly frosted mug or glass

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