The Golden Rule

You know what the Golden Rule is, right?  Treat others as you would want to be treated.  What a fantastic way to live!  Everyone deserves respect, so you why not treat others with respect in order to gain that yourself?  The same goes with every other value a person can come up with and this is often the case of what you get in return.  However, someone once told me (I really wish I could remember who) to forget about the Golden Rule.  Throw it out.  You don’t need it.  That person said to treat others they way THEY want to be treated.

Wow.  I had no idea what hit me at that point.  Treat. Others. The. Way. THEY. Want. To. Be. Treated.  Huh?!  I had never thought of it that way before and I was completely stunned. Of course we were talking in a business context about customer service and about how so many businesses, both small and large, fail in terms of customer service. How does your organization view customer service?  Do  you listen?  Do you ask more questions than you answer?  What does customer service mean to you?

This is really meant as a thinking and reflection exercise where you inwardly reflect on how you act as an individual and how your organization operates.  How are you serving others?  How well do you know yourself and how well do you know the people around you?  I don’t claim to be an expert on these things but I love learning; I’m always trying to absorb as much as I can and in my limited life experience, it seems that everything is based on people and personal relationships.  No matter what you’re doing, you are in some way developing personal relationships.  People working in sales already know this, but perhaps didn’t think of those interactions in this way.  For others, it’s a tad less common to think of customer service in the course of their daily routine.  For instance, in an administrative role, your customers are your employees, your fans, your sponsors and the other people your organization does business with, and in a way, the entire general public.  Coaches – your customers are your players and support staff.  They are doing everything they can to orient their behaviors in the same direction, at the same time, with the same goals.  How are you serving them and giving them all they can to succeed?

Personal relationships matter regardless of what role you perform in your organization.  Get to know the people around you and let them get to know you as well.  We’re all in this world together and we’re becoming more and more connected every day.  In some way or another, no matter how small or big the decision, everything you do affects someone else.  One of my favorite movies is Shawshank Redemption – a movie that is really all about personal relationships (and when you think about it, isn’t every movie?). In that movie is one of my favorite lines: “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin.”  Which are you?



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