What’s the Story They’re Telling Themselves?

Anytime you are trying to sell something or trying to convince someone of something you have to try to understand the story they are telling themselves. What is it that makes this person unique and how has their past gotten them to the point they are now? What background and understanding does this person have about the thing that I’m offering, or potentially offering?

Does this person care about the university?
Are they a fan of the coach?
Are they a fan of a few of the players on the team?
Did they grow up with the organization and become a fan that way?
Were they sick and in the hospital at some point in their past and were they visited by the team mascot?
What is their history and understanding of the sport itself?
Who do they usually go to games with? Family or friends or both?
Are they interested in tailgating?
What other things do they do to occupy their time?
Do they have time for all of the games over the course of the season or would a smaller plan be better?
Are they someone who only watches at home for the replays and the stats coming in from various sources?

These are all questions relative to a sales conversation that must at least be in the back of your mind when talking to someone new about what it is that you’re offering. If their story doesn’t somehow line up with yours, then its probably best to just move on to the next conversation. Don’t waste your time trying convince someone who probably won’t change anyway, especially with the reality that there are others on your list who really do want what it is that you’re offering. Find the people that want what you have and have the need for your solution.

The same principle applies with customer service – what’s the story they are telling themselves? When someone calls to complain, where are they coming from? What state of mind were they in when the bad thing happened? What have their past experiences been like that led them to the point they are now? You’re not going to convince someone of something unless you can learn the other parts of their story. Doing so gives you a foundation from which to start developing a positive outcome.

Learn the story your customers are telling themselves and help them complete that story with an ending you can offer. What do you think?

Go Forth!

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