Happy New Year

Happy new year to you and yours! Do you have any new year traditions? Do you make resolutions? Or proclamations about the new year and how this one will be different or better? We like to think that the changing of the calendar gives us all a new opportunity to be better, get fitter, be more loving, and to be more successful; in reality every day gives us a new opportunity to do just that. The sub-header on my blog here is “do what’s difficult” for a reason. Everyday I challenge myself to overcome those small influences trying to get me to take the easy way out or to take the shortcut. From personal experience I know that it gets easier the more you do it, though there are always new unexpected challenges lurking around every turn.

What small steps or goals will you make toward those larger goals you’ve set for yourself and what support system do you have in place? Who will help keep you accountable to the new goals you expect to achieve in the next year? What daily changes in your life will you be making to achieve your resolutions for the new year 2013? Write them down and post them in a visible place where you will see them  on a daily basis and tell as many people as you can – both in persona and on social media.

Another idea here too…How long do you actually greet others with a joyful “Happy New Year” welcome? Just on January 1st? That first week? The entire month? Consider taking the entire month of January to welcome new interactions with a “Happy New Year” instead of the normal hello and take note of the reaction you get…I’m interested in seeing what happens here myself!

Good luck on figuring out your goals and setting up your support system. It’s worth it to do what’s difficult if you sincerely desire change. Go Forth!

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