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Money, Trust, Referral

Customers pay in three ways: Money, Trust, Referral That’s it. That’s how they pay. Here’s a bit more of an explanation. Money Sure – this is an easy one. Sales. Customers give you money for what it is that you give or do for them. Whether it be service, products, or experience, when a customer […]

Make it Personal

Make your business personal. Make your fan interactions personal. Engage with your customers on a personal level. In the age of social media and “big data,” what good is all the information we have if we don’t try to use it to reach people on a personal level? I was listening to yet another podcast […]

On Communication

The cause of and solution to most problems is communication. It’s true in personal relationships. It’s true in work relationships. It’s true in fan relationships. Develop your emotional intelligence. Practice gratitude. Be honest. I’ve been thinking about communication a lot lately and have been reflecting on how stress affects our ability to communicate with each […]