On Communication

The cause of and solution to most problems is communication.

It’s true in personal relationships.

It’s true in work relationships.

It’s true in fan relationships.

Develop your emotional intelligence. Practice gratitude. Be honest.

I’ve been thinking about communication a lot lately and have been reflecting on how stress affects our ability to communicate with each other. When you are overwhelmed, it is very likely that you are probably not communicating as well as you could be. I have been really focused on thinking about how I react during stressful times. I have also been observing how other people are affected as well. This is very closely related to my recent post on perspective. Somewhat unrelated, one communication method I find very fascinating is advertising – how the words and images are trying to tell us something. Maybe trying to get us to buy something. Maybe just giving us information.

As an organization, everything you do, write, say or publish can last forever. Every tweet, email, billboard, screenshot could be taken the wrong way, misread, or altered or be simply misunderstood. Think about these things every time you do something and especially every time you are on the phone with someone – you never know!

Go Forth!

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