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The World Cup at Work = Lost Productivity or Employee Camaraderie?

The World Cup is on this week and for those of us who work “typical” hours, most of these matches fall during the work day. So what is your company policy for employees watching sports (World Cup) at work? I mean…we DO work in sports, so shouldn’t this be somehow considered “part of the job”? […]

Do the Little Things Right

That’s a pretty good way to go right? Isn’t that what coaches teach their athletes? Do the little things right? Fully extend on that particular lift. Cut all the way through to the left on that one gap. Make sure you get all the way to this spot on the floor before you make your […]

On Communication

The cause of and solution to most problems is communication. It’s true in personal relationships. It’s true in work relationships. It’s true in fan relationships. Develop your emotional intelligence. Practice gratitude. Be honest. I’ve been thinking about communication a lot lately and have been reflecting on how stress affects our ability to communicate with each […]