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Advice for College Students

Two of my former student employees have reached out for recommendations recently. It has been about a year since we last worked together, so I was happy to oblige and excited to catch up with them about what they have going on now, how their studies are going and what they want to do after […]

Who are your customers and why are they going to give you money?

Well, do you have an answer? In my opinion, you’ve got to find some way to be remarkable to the people you are trying to reach, otherwise your business is not going to last with only the limited number that already buy from you. You’ve got to continue to find more people that fit the […]

On Communication

The cause of and solution to most problems is communication. It’s true in personal relationships. It’s true in work relationships. It’s true in fan relationships. Develop your emotional intelligence. Practice gratitude. Be honest. I’ve been thinking about communication a lot lately and have been reflecting on how stress affects our ability to communicate with each […]