The Weekly Round-Up

I thought today I would change it up a bit and instead list a recap of the week’s posts.

The unofficial theme this week was storytelling, which went live on Sunday.

Then on Monday the story theme went a little further into the idea of what a story is when we asked the question, “What’s the story they’re telling themselves?” This was about not just telling stories about your brand to your customers, but rather a look at how to understand where your customers are coming from and how to relate.

Tuesday’s post was one that got into why it is not just important to be different, but to be aware that your difference is what makes your brand unique. Be Clear About the Difference.

On Wednesday during the World Series, I thought it was interesting how unscripted the post-game presentation and interviews seemed. I enjoyed watching the players’ reactions, though probably not as much as the world’s Red Sox fans. In that post I stress the importance for training your staff and players on how to deal with the media.

And finally yesterday we looked at the 3 main things that should be on the front page of any sports team’s website – a way to buy tickets, a way to buy merchandise, and a way to donate.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another post, so stay tuned. And until then, sign up for my email list for instant updates.

Go Forth!

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