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One of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog was because there are so few good blogs out there that are of value to those in the sports and athletics industry.  Yes, there are some that are VERY well done and I read those blogs almost daily.  Some are more inspirational or motivational; others are more business focused and fact-driven.  These are both valuable to the sports business professional, but consistency is key…both in content as well as timing.  To always present something of value on a regular basis is a very difficult thing to do; one of my favorite authors talks about that here.  It’s a personal discipline that affects not just your blogging activities, but your entire life as a whole.  Discipline.  Everyone in athletics must understand what that means and most do.  Oriented around my personal core values, I myself have begun to exercise discipline on a regular/daily basis in all aspects of my life.  This is a process though and one must take deliberate steps with a purpose in mind.  For this blog, the purpose is to inform and share.

So how does one create good content?  Start with a plan.  Goals.  Where are we going?  How do we get there?  How do we know when we’ve arrived?  All great questions that one must be asking on a regular basis.  Sometimes difficult questions, yes, but all the more necessary for being successful and maintaining that success.  Once you’ve started asking those questions and started answering them…

Just start writing.  That is one thing I love about Nike…”Just do it.”  How simple, yet how powerful at the same time.  No excuses.  No dilly-dallying.  “Just do it.”  Don’t procrastinate, don’t think about all the million other things you have to do.  Here is an opportunity to act on something that you know could be completed in the present.  This type of discipline is a learned task that must be constantly re-learned throughout one’s life.  There will always be challenges, obstacles, and other influences that are trying to distract us from what is really important.

So that’s what I’m doing here – I’m starting out with a plan and just getting it started.  Post at least once a week on topics that may be of interest or benefit to others, while at the same time being disciplined in my learning and becoming better internally in order to help others more.  Here’s to more consistency and discipline for us all.

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