The Beginning

Hello!  And welcome to Bill’s Sports Business Blog!  On this blog I will discussing topics and issues pertinent to sports business, particularly as they relate to intercollegiate athletics.  I have a list of topics about a page long, so hopefully that will keep me busy and challenged and you, the reader, interested.  As someone who works in athletics I am very aware of numerous outlets of information about sport, but there are very few blogs out there that are updated on a regular enough basis to be considered for daily or weekly consumption.  I personally have read many that offer great insights and excellent examples illustrating their topics of discussion, but are only updated once every few months.  And that kind of gets to the point of why I am doing this…I want to share what I know while at the same time learning as much as I can about sports business.  When you actually put words to thoughts, that is what helps people learn.

My goal, therefore, is to update this blog at a minimum of weekly.  I will eventually aim for daily updates, but as I am just getting started, I am going to give myself some time to get acclimated and into a writer’s mind of coming up with written thoughts on a regular basis.  Some of the topics I plan on discussing include social media monetization, recruiting, sponsorship, sales, ticketing, marketing, ethics, media, and sport consumer behavior.  I hope you come back to read more later and I hope we can have a conversation about sport on this digital landscape.  Here’s to success and learning!

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