10 Ways to Improve Traveling in Coach that Could Make People Happier

A couple years ago I read a book that brought forth the idea of coming up with lists of 10 things. Everyday the task was to come up with ten things about various topics as a way to spark creativity, critical thinking and thoughtfulness. The book gave a bunch of examples of different topics and I just recently came across my notes from way back when. This post is my response to one of those ideas. Go Forth!

1-Warm chocolate chip cookie right after the safety presentation

2-First alcoholic drink free for all passengers of legal drinking age

3-Free WiFi

4-USB power in every seat (some airlines already do this)

5-Southwest used to do drink and gambling games on flights – that was fun (if you’ve read my about page you know I’m from Las Vegas, so on most flights I was on headed TO Las Vegas they’d do this)

6-Designate a quiet area and a games area in the cabin so people can sleep and read or, on the contrary, be loud if they want

7-Raffle for free upgrades on food (first to ring the flight attendant bell with the right answer gets a free meal of their choosing)

8-Magazine exchange…when people are done with their magazines offer them up to other passengers (would work great on long flights – some flight attendants have told me they have taken my used magazines for themselves!)

9-Book exchange…offer to trade books with people who are finished reading…similar to number 8

10-Game consoles in the back of the headrests to play video games with other passengers…I did this in college when I lived in the dorm via the campus network – wouldn’t that be awesome!

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