The hardest part of being a leader, is being accountable to yourself. Being accountable to yourself when you’re all alone and feel like no one is watching.

In front of other people you’re motivated, you’re inspiring, you’re thoughtful, you’re everything you need to be for other people.

But who are you when no one is watching?

Who are you when you’re by yourself?

Who are you when you’re alone in your thoughts, on your day off, in the morning when you’re the first one awake, at night when you’re the last one to go to bed or the first one in the office?

Who do you see yourself as being? Do you have any inputs that tell you exactly what you’re being or doing? Do you have any kind of feedback loop that lets you know how you’re doing or when you’re sliding off track? How do you know? How do you keep yourself on the straight line of “doing what’s difficult?”

For some that is easy, or so they say, but only with practice. I think many people are uncomfortable with their thoughts, with their mind. You have to take the time to develop a sense of self and a sense of awareness of the things and people around you.

It’s difficult to keep yourself in check. It’s easy to tell other people what to do, but no body cares what you say. They only care how you act. They care what you do. And what would they think if they knew what you were like or what you do when you’re all alone? When there’s no one around watching, judging, listening. Are you the same person in private as you are in public? Does your family see the same person that everyone at work sees?

Of course we’ve all got to be a little bit different in different situations and scenarios, but are your core values the same? Do the things that make you “YOU” still appear in all places and at all times? Certainly we all struggle with certain things at certain times in our life, but what’s the theme of the story of “you?”

Think about who you want to be and who you are. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Or more importantly, how do the people you love see you?

We all care about what other people think to some degree…we need human interaction in our lives. Healthy, fulfilling human interaction. It’s in our nature. We’re tribal people. We need to belong somewhere. And I think the more we’re will to admit that, the happier we’ll become.

Be who you are. Be who you want to be. Be more of that which you already are. Just take the time to figure it out. Life is too short to be someone you’re not. Besides, you’re not going to get out alive. We all die. Maybe start there, with your death. How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to have accomplished?

Do what matters. Do what’s difficult. Live life fulfilled.

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