#SportsConf 2015

Hashtag Sports Conference 2015

Hashtag Sports 2015 #SportsConf

If you didn’t know about this event, you should really check it out. Put on by Hashtag Sports, a curator of sports business technology content, #SportsConf 2015 was a two day event that brought together the digital sports community through interviews conducted over Google Hangouts. They did this last year and obviously had so much success they were able to convince Whistle Sports to be a sponsor.

On another note, while you’re on the Hashtag Sports website, sign up for their email list. They do a great job of curating internet content related to sports and technology. While you’re thinking of newsletters, sign up for Bill’s Sports Business Blog email list while you’re at it as well!

Whistle Sports is another one of those companies that if you haven’t heard of them, you should really check them out. They are quickly becoming a leader in online sports video, giving fans without cable subscriptions a way to be involved with their favorite teams and athletes. They have a similar vibe as what many YouTube Creators have, which really means that they are excited about what they’re doing and having a ton of fun doing it. That in and of itself is a big reason why they’re popular as well – people are drawn to passion and to people living with purpose.

I hope you really take some time and check out the content on the #SportsConf 2015 website. There are some great gems in there and if nothing else, you’ll at least get to see and get to know some of the leaders in sports business today, from media companies to team executives to athletes and everyone in between.

Also, stay tuned for #SBWeek 2015 in Seattle! Next week I’ll announce this year’s sports business networking event location, so make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter!

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