Thank You, Fans

Thank you. Two little words with so much meaning. So yes, thank YOU fans of Bill’s Sports Business Blog! It’s been a while and it’s great to be back. I’m not going to be posting daily like I was the last few months of last year, but I will be here more regularly and once I get a manageable schedule going I’ll let you know what that will be so you can tune in regularly.

Now, seriously, thank YOUR fans. If you follow this blog you know that I’m a big fan of email marketing and that’s exactly what the Portland Trail Blazers did when their 2014 NBA playoff run ended – they emailed their fans to say thank you. Here’s what it looked like:

PDX Trailblazers thank Fans

NBA Portland Trailblazers say Thank You Rip City Fans for 2014 season

This is a very important message, especially in a time when fans often feel like we’re just constantly asking and never giving back. Send them an email to let them know that you’re really there behind the hoop (or goal post or diamond or net or microphone or whatever) supporting and encouraging their fandom of your team.

Go Forth!

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