Christmas Sponsorship Activation

I haven’t shared any videos on Bill’s Sports Business Blog yet, but this one is definitely worth sharing.

After watching this video, consider the impact you have on your fans each and every day of the year, especially during your season. Now consider how you can do a Christmas sponsorship activation like this for your fans. First of all, your team would have to be playing in the month of December if you do something Hanukah or Christmas related (post-season college football, NFL, basketball). If you have a team like this, an arena wide activation might be too much, but a good idea for a sponsorship activation might be to invite only your donors, founding members or suite holders.

Another idea for a Christmas sponsorship activation would be to involve the community and do this for local foster kids, a homeless shelter, Boys and Girls Club, or some other organization that is unique to your community. Especially when it’s cold outside, it’s always a great thing to invite folks in where it is warm and especially great when you can share a meal with someone else. If you’re a college or university, what a great way to teach your student athletes the importance and meaning of family and service. If your team or organization already has a non-profit partner, work with them to find a way to help those less fortunate in your community.

Certainly WestJet will keep getting some great PR for this ad and will be in the hearts and minds of those particular passengers for sure. If you are not in the position of being able to do a holiday or Christmas sponsorship activation of that grandeur with your fans, consider how impactful a staff full of people ready and willing to serve your fans on a regular basis is in the long run. The more attentive your staff can be on a regular basis, the more likely your relationship with them will remain strong.

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