On Keeping Tabs and Personal Growth

If you don’t already, you should be keeping tabs on the people doing your job or similar jobs outside of your current sector. I work in sports, so I follow other people in technical, marketing and development roles in others areas of business, such as consumer packaged goods (CPG), logistics and freight forwarding/management, various marketing agencies, news organizations, media companies and numerous creative types and self-proclaimed entrepreneurs. I intentionally follow other people doing different but similar types of work, in addition to all the major collegiate and professional sports leagues in the United States. I also don’t limit myself to only B2B or B2C and occasionally I do look at a few organizations from other areas of the globe, but not as much as I would like – something I’ll be more intentional about going forward. Stay with me.

The reason you should be doing this is for inspiration, for ideas and for a greater perspective about the world around us. Your job performance will get stale if you don’t look outside your industry and apply insights gained from other sectors. At some point you’ll run out of ideas and end up staring at everyone else you work with wondering what happened when your business drops off, no one shows up to see your teams play and eventually when your recruits all sign somewhere else. Either that or you’re probably a genius and shouldn’t be reading this blog, but fixing the worlds problems! All kidding aside…

I am a big believer in think tanks, community learning, education and sharing ideas with different people. As the saying goes, “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Step outside your comfort zone and share what you have with other people – it’s worth the discomfort to grow, learn and make connections. Today I spoke to one of my mentors whose life and business was transformed from having been a part of one of these “think tanks,” which I’m sure took a lot of guts to go do. People like that inspire me to keep moving on my journey as well, never ceasing in the quest for making the world a better place by “becoming more of that which I already am.”

And that too is something I believe in very deeply – that we humans are constantly changing and becoming more of what we already are. Regardless of what your current circumstances are, you as a person have the freedom of thought, self expression, and the right to feel good about yourself. I am contacted by other young professionals on a semi-regular basis and am often asked how I got to where I am now. In response, I tell them I do my best everyday, show up ready to work, and attempt to constantly put myself in a position to succeed. I find myself where I am because I have had to be intentional about learning who I am as a person, what my values are and what I want my life to be like – none of which were necessarily “easy” to figure out. I am also where I am because of all the other wonderful people who have helped me grow – people I know personally as well as from a distance.

To be more of that which you already are, develop a sense of quiet about your life where you can comfortably “unplug” from all of life’s distractions to make sure you are really on your own correct path. By developing a regular habit of introspection you come to a deeper level of understanding about yourself and the world which gives you greater opportunity to be a positive influence for others. People with the “coaching bug” often have this habit. As do servant leaders. If those are the people you admire, do like they do and live an intentional life.

I originally started out writing this post with the intention of talking about a marketing principle called “see, think, do”, but just decided to hold off on that principle until tomorrow. My introduction to this post really got me thinking about these other principles, so I figured I would just go with the flow. Enter your email address in the box to the right to get an instant email update with tomorrow’s post entitled “see, think, do” and all future posts. It’ll be a good one, tying in the perspective piece I blogged about a while back. See you tomorrow!

Go Forth!

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