Thank Them for Complaining

Complaining about construction

Thank them for complaining – Turn criticism into improvement.

The next time your customers complain, thank them. If they take the time out of their day to complain about something, they care about what it is that you’re doing – they want you to be better. Of course, they also probably want something else – if you can, give it to them but also consider where your weaknesses are as an organization.

Do you have enough information on your website? Or too much?
Does your checkout process issue the correct receipt?
Does the angle of the seats in a particular section really make it difficult to see the game?
Do the transportation routes really not line up getting fans to and from your games because of construction?

When your customers contact you about something not going quite right, take care of their concerns but also look for the question behind the question. Track your complaints and take the initiative to solve their problems. Make it easy for them to spend their time and money with you and everyone will be happy!

Go Forth!

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