How often do you think about your inputs and outputs?

Are the things you read, the people you talk to, the things you listen to really getting you closer to where you want to be?

How might these things be affecting you and how might you change your inputs to get better outputs?

I heard a great piece of advice recently in regards to finding a mentor…you won’t always be able to find another person to sit down with every month or on some regular schedule, so use books and podcasts and other professional development opportunities to build yourself up and work on you. I read and listen alot now, but the way it sounded struck me in a profound way. Not only to read books or listen to podcasts as a way to learn but to be mentored. Certainly approach leaders you respect and have a relationship with to be a mentor, but don’t leave it all up to those few people to teach you – engage with other media and ask for recommendations. Books are wonderful and come in more forms than just paper. Try audiobooks if you’re always on the go. And think about the ideas you are learning as a mentoring relationship and share that knowledge with others as a way to solidify your comprehension.

Go Forth!

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