Sport Facility Connectivity

We are in the middle of a digital age that is increasing our demand for connectivity in public. That much is clear. For sport administrators though, this can pose several problems. The first of which are the costs associated with upgrading facilities to support connectivity for the size of the venue. To solve this problem, other than fundraising and raising prices, a sponsorship deal could be the answer.

Another more philosophical issue regarding sport facility connectivity is how you want your fans to behave in your venue and at your games. Do you want them constantly looking down at their phones, tablets, and phablets? Or do you want them to be so entertained by what it is that they are seeing down on the field or court that they can’t take their eyes away for fear of missing out (FOMO)? Indeed this is the conundrum we find ourselves in – we want our fans tweeting, posting and liking us on social media, but we also want to be able to put out such a great product that no one can turn away.

For now, do both. The connectivity issue is only going to increase in importance, especially as more people buy mobile devices and the need for basis cell service, in addition to data service, increases. Do whatever you can and don’t get left behind. If you’re going to do a major installation, don’t do the minimum…if you don’t your facilities are going to be constantly under construction. Do what’s difficult and figure out a way to go all out and really give your program the advantages in deserves in this effort to move further into the 21st century. In the mean time, keep moving forward, take care of your staff and take care of your fans.

Go Forth!

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