Birthdays are fun. Whether your the one celebrating others or they are celebrating you, it’s nice to be able to share special occasions with people you care about. As a kid, it’s probably one of the days you look forward to or think about for, I’d say, about 360 days a year. The other five days where they are not thinking about their birthday are probably Christmas, the last day of school, the first day of school, and the two days after their birthday (ever heard of the birthday hangover?). After all, for a kid, is there any other day that’s a bigger deal?

As an adult, even for the most humble, it’s fun to be able to feel important and special. Old friends reach out to say hello, coworkers make a sign or sign a card or pitch in for a gift, random people online give a “thumbs up” or a “like” and the people you live with hopefully make you a cake or at least sing “happy birthday”.

Some people love the attention and relish in the praise and glow of the candles. Others shy away, but secretly love that others think they are important, which makes them feel really good inside, loved and cared for.

The things that matter in life aren’t things at all – its these connections with other people and moments in time that make up our lives. We often don’t remember the gifts, but we do remember who was there and what they did. As hard as 2020 has been, I think if we remember what matters and take care of those others, we can come back together stronger and happier than before. Quality time with others after the pandemic will be that much sweeter if we do.

Go Forth.

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