Celebrate Major Milestones

Celebrating major milestones is as important in sports as it is for family. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations. Why not celebrate sell-outs, new player contract signings, major championship wins and other major achievements with your fans? Even if you don’t have some kind of formal party or celebration, use social media and interact with them around these special events. Here is what Evernote sent me recently when they hit the milestone of 100 million users:

Evernote Milestone Celebration

Evernote 100 Million Thanks Milestone Email

Evernote celebrated hitting this milestone by sending (presumably) all of the users a thank you message for using their service. They really seem to be like a company that strives to continually provide value, make a confident value statement with the full expectation that their users will WANT to pay for the add-ons they provide. By celebrating this milestone with their fans and users, they take one more step in that direction.

One example from the sports world is the post-Super Bowl victory parade. After the Seattle Seahawks 2014 victory, their victory parade through downtown Seattle drew crowds of (according to one report I heard) over 700,000 people! Now that’s a strong connection!

Celebrate with your fans and connect. Go Forth!

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